About Us

What started off as a need to find a place for my kids’ latest school pictures back in 2015 has developed into the fabric memo – cork bulletin board and picture frame that you see here today. My initial vision to create a product that would need to hold a lot of pictures, hold different sized pictures, fit the color scheme and decor of any room and allow for easy addition, removal and rearrangement of pictures and mementos, is still the fundamental aspect of the board.

After months of research, trial and error and customer feedback, I was able to increase the boards’ functionality even more by creating not only a picture frame but also a product that can be used as a memo board and a bulletin board. The board that you see today is highly functional, made of excellent quality and it is aesthetically pleasing. It is a board that I am proud to make for my customers.

Pamela J. Haffner


Here are some Customer Reviews and Frequently asked Questions