Custom Designs

The Frame-For-All standard picture sizes, all occasions and all decors.

Decorate in style by customizing the colors of your frame to match any room in your home, office, dorm room or class room or select colors based on special occasions such as an anniversary, wedding or reunion.

Our unique, elegant and functional interlaced ribbon frame with bulletin board feature provides you with countless different patterns on which to display all standard US sized photographs (without the use of thumb tacks or adhesive), greeting cards, business cards, reminders, messages, envelopes & letters, recipes, coupons, memorabilia and everything else you might want to keep in clear sight and in one convenient location.

The Frame-for-All comes with a wood framed back to provide you with the convenience of hanging the frame directly to any nail on the wall.

Free Shipping within the US!

3 easy steps to create a custom frame that fits your needs:

Step 1. Send me a description of your color preferences for the background fabric and ribbon by filling out the “Contact Us’ form that can be found on the main top menu bar of this site.

Step 2. Make your selection from the samples I will put together for you or let me know what changes need to be made.

Step 3. I will make your frame based on your sample selection.

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