Magenta and Teal Bulletin-Memo Board


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Functional Wall Art; Magenta and Teal Bulletin-Memo Board

Combine Elegance and Style with Functionality with this Magenta and Teal Bulletin-Memo Board. The Frame-For-All brings the traditional ribbon memo board to the next level by adding the push pin/thumb tack feature to its original and unique ribbon design. This Bulletin-Memo Board was created by combining the functionality of a memo board and the bulletin board. 

You will have countless different ways to secure items on the board with or without the use of thumb tacks. Use the Bulletin-Memo Board to display photographs (from wallet to portrait size), greeting cards, business cards, reminders, messages, letters, recipes, coupons and memorabilia. You can also use the board for jewelry and hair clips. Another unique feature of The Frame-For-All ribbon design is that you can use the entire surface area of the board. This feature therefor provides you with a larger surface on which to display the items mentioned previously.  

This Bulletin-Memo Board is not only functional, it is also Wall Art. Decorate in style by customizing the colors of your frame to match any room in your home, office, dorm room or class room. You can also select colors based on special occasions such as an anniversary, wedding, reunion or memorial. We can make the background fabric and the ribbon in almost any color you like. You also have the option to select multiple colored ribbons to suit your decorating needs.  

The Frame-For-All consists of a wood framed back, fabric & ribbon and a cork & foam board. The screw eyes provide you with the convenience of hanging the frame directly to any nail or self-adhesive hook on the wall, in addition to hanging the board in a vertical or horizontal position.   

Would you like to see this board with additional ribbon colors or in a different size? Than check out our Custom-Design Page for more information.

Frame-For-All Bulletin Board – Memo Board Features:

  • Display items on the board using the Ribbon Design or Push Pins/Thumb tacks
  • Unique ‘Patent Pending’ Interlaced Ribbon Memo Board Design holds all US standard picture sizes
  • Teal Silk Ribbon on Magenta Fabric
  • Hang Directly on Nail or Self-Adhesive Hook
  • Hang Vertically or Horizontally
  • Completely Hand-Made in the USA

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